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International School of Biophysics

"Antonio Borsellino"

16-22 October 2023 - Erice


 Registration Fees:

- The participation fee includes six nights accommodation

- Registration fee will cover lodging, meals and pick-up from Palermo or Trapani airport


Purpose of the course:

This Course aims to present the state-of-the-art in pure and applied Biophysics and discuss future research directions linking current knowledge with the most recent ideas and methods. It is an ambitious course having its roots in the history of the Italian Biophysical Society of Pure and Applied Biophysics, SIBPA, established 50 years ago in Italy in a network of scholars between the Universities and the National Research Council, CNR. SIBPA was founded 50 years ago in Parma, and its inaugural congress was carried out in the same year in Camogli, electing Antonio Borsellino as its first President. The ambition of this Course is to reflect the fact that Biophysics is a scientific discipline without boundaries, a boundless territory of knowledge where the critical question of biology, "What is life?" is addressed and studied with the methodological and conceptual framework of physics. The beauty of Biophysics lies in the natural propensity to seek those regularities descending from physical laws that make the living unique in a kind of succession of "chance" and "necessity". The power of Biophysics lies in its temporal and spatial scalability.

From these considerations, we decided to build a program linked by six keywords that, in the centennial of the National Research Council, also recall the one of the birth of Italo Calvino, one of the most beloved Italian writers, namely: lightness, quickness, exactitude, visibility, multiplicity, and consistency.



Photons & proteins

A worshop in honor of Martin Chalfie



XXVII School of Pure and Applied Biophysics

February 6-10, 2023






Il "Premio - Marina Diana Mercurio - SIBPA” è stato assegnato alla Prof.ssa Clara Frontali per i suoi risultati in Biofisica e per il suo impegno umano e scientifico senza frontiere rivolto a tutte le generazioni.
Il Premio “Antonio Borsellino” 2022 va al dott. Matteo Mazzocca, per la tesi intitolata: "Role of the nuclear organization in p53 search mechanism and gene regulation", svolta presso l’Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele.
Il Premio “Gianfranco Menestrina” 2022 è assegnato alla dott.ssa Miriam Grava, per la tesi intitolata: "Vescicole extracellulari: caratterizzazione ed interazione con membrane modello", svolta presso l’Università degli Studi di Milano.  


XXVI Congresso Nazionale SIBPA 2022

11-14 settembre 2022

San Miniato - PI








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La SIBPA bandisce due Borse di Studio per partecipare al BPS2024 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dal 10 al 14 febbraio 2024.



La SIBPA bandisce le Borse di Studio per partecipare al "14th EBSA Congress” a Stoccolma, Svezia. Dal 31 luglio al 4 agosto 2023.




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